Buying from the EU is simple:

We have lowered all of our prices by 5% to make life more easy for  you.

Before your order arrives, you will be contacted to pay a fee. This will be:

  • EU VAT depending on your national rate as a percentage of the invoice value (usually 21%). This is recovered if you are registered with an EORI number
  • A local admin charge of 5 or 6 euro (except Spain, Italy and Austria – please check!)
  • Duty may be payable on some items at an average of 3%. But only some items, not all of the order. Please see table below for examples.

It is important that we have the correct email address for you so that you can be contacted by customs to pay the fee – please confirm!

We really hope that you will continue to enjoy are products and we thank you for your support.


Duty payable (examples):


Commodity Code Official Description Items Covered Duty
83061000 Gongs bells , base metals gongs, prayer bells 0%
83062900 Metal ornaments tubs ltubs etc 0%
92059090 Wind instruments many instruments 2%
92060000 Percussion instruments many instruments 3.20%
95030021 Ornamental dolls folklore worry dolls 4.70%
95066990 Balls, other handicrafts – jgb 2.70%
96020000 Natural materials tagua, coco bowls, seeds 0.00%
44201019 Wooden crafts – non tropical fish stools, thuya, dotd 0%