Eco Policy

At Rainstick we take the environment seriously. You will notice that the vast majority of our products are made either from wood or from sustainable materials such as clay. And of course we are using non toxic paints etc. This has always been the case and will always be the case.
This has led to us to create Naturally Rainstick :

Is a specific range of items that meets the following criteria:

1. Made from a natural material

2. Fully biodegradable

3. Sustainable

4. 100% biodegradable or recycled packaging

5. Or made from recycled materials

6. Items aimed at improving the environment

7. Beautiful!

We have already changed the way we buy packaging. Since late 2016 we have partnered with a local business, Leos Deli, collecting their usable waste for our deliveries. . We are also taking their old bubble wrap and other clean packaging. Whilst this is not quite as smart- looking as using new product, it seems vastly preferable from an ecological point of view. We welcome your feedback if you have any particular preferences. And we would love to hear if you are able to recycle or reuse the packaging that we send to you – in as much as it is practical, if we can package using product that can be used again and again then that is great for everyone.

We have for years been trying to buy the most eco friendly crafted goods that we can as well as recycled and reused boxes. We already operate a carbon negative warehouse with 33KW solar panel capacity. In fact, we also supply next door (a busy printing business with a large staff) with a quarter of their energy. Now we are aiming to fully cease buying any product that is harmful to the environment. And we also aim to look at our packaging and see how we can further minimise our impact. I am not sure that we can completely ditch plastic, I know customers like it for products such as ocarinas (where it goes into the mouth)…and we are obliged by law to wrap and label certain products using bags (eg birdcaller). But we will at the very least see how we can reduce this and investigate more eco-friendly alternatives. Watch this space!

Jonathan Wells

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